A Leader with strategic vision, integrity,
offering action-oriented First Nation solutions






"Community, Vision, Leadership"


Impacting our communities:

  • High costs of living:
    • Food
    • Household goods
    • Fuel - diesel, auto, oil
    • Construction materials
    • Winter roads
    • Air travel
  • Housing backlog & infrastructure gap - 5500+ unit backlog plus required water/sewer
  • Social services - unequal shelter allowance, no remoteness factor
  • Health - PDA crisis, diabetes increasing among youth
  • Missing & murdered women - a National Inquiry to be advocated for as a priority


"My vision is to develop and establish a NAN FNs' local & regional economy
based on our fair share of the wealth derived from the extraction from our lands and resources."

This is a time for strong leadership to address the new global economy.
This means new hope for a better life for on-off reserve NAN citizens.
We requires new innovative, creative and cutting-edge strategies for the immediate future.
There can be no more rhetoric; just action-oriented solutions.

"I represent this new leadership change, strategic vision & action."



  • A strong and determined individual who has devoted his entire life to working for First Nations, First Nations organizations & Aboriginal groups;
  • Strategic management in Executive and Senior management positions and, as an independent entrepreneur;
  • Strategic vision, stability and actions;
  • Achieved a post-graduate degree in Executive Masters of Business Administration (EMBA) from the Queen's University School of Business;
  • Twenty-three (23) years as a qualified Management Consultant;
  • Thirty-six (36) years of experience in working with the NAN Executive (including the former Grand Council Treaty #9);




  • Acted on NAN Chiefs' Resolution 09/97 "NAN Regional Housing & Infrastructure":

    • Trained and certified seven (7) NAN FN Housing Managers;
    • Developed a collaborating partnership with Lakehead University & the University of Minnesota-Duluth to build a micro-factory that will produce 200 housing modules suitable for the north as per prototypes;
    • Developed a new housing business model and entity, "Community Futures for Sustainable Housing".

  • Continue to build on the work with AANDC to assess operational status of water/sewer systems in NAN First Nations communities
  • Bundle 'Boil Water' community projects with new technology solutions under Private Public Partnership (PPP) project


  • Acted on NAN Chiefs' Resolution 09/89, "NAN Regional Economic Development Strategy";
  • Trained and certified ten (10) NAN Economic Development Officers (EDOs);
  • Establishing a NAN Chiefs Committee on Economic & Resource Development;
  • Developing a "NAN First Nations' 6-Pt. Economic Action Plan".


  • Presented NAN First Nations' Energy Policy statements (6) to Ontario Minister of Energy (Feb, 2015):
    • Regional energy project planning by NAN First Nations
    • NAN First Nations will own/operate their energy projects
    • Establish project timeline to connect remote First Nations
    • Ontario/Canada to provide full funding resources for NAN First Nations
    • NAN First Nations to be involved in Federal and Provincial Energy negotiations affecting NAN FNs
    • Rural Remote Rate Program (RRRP) to be extended to Independent Power Authorities (IPAs)


Resource Revenue Sharing Agreement

  • Work with NAN First Nations to have in-depth discussions on the principles and options for a Resource Revenue Sharing Agreement between NAN First Nations and Ontario;
  • Develop financial options for Resource Revenue Sharing Formulas which will meet the needs of directly and indirectly, impacted NAN First Nations from sectors such as: forestry, mining, oil and gas, hydro developments and alternative energy projects;
  • NAN First Nations need to negotiate their fair share of the multi-billion dollar economic value of current resource extraction as well as future developments in the forestry, tourism and mining sectors such as the Ring of Fire

"With this Economic Action Plan, and united as NAN First Nations, we can achieve Economic Independence by 2025 through our fair share of the wealth extraction which will finance our future regional governance as well as our independent political entity."


  • Develop a Strategy To:
    • To coordinate all the current federal housing programs and funding to meet an accelerated housing construction program in the NAN communities;
    • Promote a strategy to enhance Home Ownership for NAN working couples to alleviate the pressures of social housing and infrastructure in the NAN communities
  • Continue training & certification of NAN FNs Housing Mangers;
  • Establish & implement the new housing business model, "Community Future for Sustainable Housing" (CFISH);
  • Initiate a business plan to construct a micro factory in the Thunder Bay region to manufacture modular housing that fit northern climates as per prototypes at the University of Minnesota Duluth's research facility at Colleraine, Minnesota


  • Negotiate with Health Canada to reinstate and protect the past and current levels of the Non-Insured Health Benefits provided by the First Nations Inuit Health Branch;
  • Develop and implement a better solution to address and substantially reduce the Prescription Drug Abuse pandemic in NAN FN communities.


  • Work with AANDC to assess the water/sewer systems in NAN FNs that were not completed previously by Neegan-Burnside Engineering;
  • Continue to develop a Private Public Partnership (PPP) funding proposal to bundle the 21-23 'boil water' FNs' projects for rectification.


  • Develop a NAN-Wide case analysis for the negotiation and removal of the cap on Post-Secondary Student Support Program in 2015-16;
  • Explore new strategies and options to accelerate early construction of on-reserve schools using federal capital funding and other private sector partners and investments


  • From current collaboration with the Ontario Government, establish a high level, political "NAN Chiefs-Ontario Cabinet Ministers Steering Committee" (NCOCSC) consisting of impacting ministries (MAA, MNDM, MNRF, MOE MAG, MEDT, MOH, Education, Social Services, Youth & Family Services, etc.) which would address the critical issues NAN FNs' are currently facing.
    • Sub-Working Groups will be formed to research and recommend solutions and actions to the NCOCSC;
    • Committee would meet bi-annually to determine progress and implement action-oriented, policy/program solutions with sufficient human and financial resources;
    • Immediately set up a realistic process between Ontario and NAN FNs to negotiate a Revenue Resource Benefits Sharing Agreement based our Treaty and Inherent Rights to our Lands and Resources.

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